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Michael S. Menefee mmenefee at securesolve.com
Tue Nov 18 21:31:46 EST 2008

In the spirit of getting things started, I've created the following Wiki
It's not perfect, but a starting place.....


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I agree with you 100%. Having a section of the Wiki dedicated for people
who browse to the OWASP site during the heat of an emergency (maybe for
the first time) looking for answers deserves some attention. I'll take
the lead on this if others would contribute. 

Many times it's the basic stuff like web server configuration, so we can
post this information almost immediately....from there, we can branch
off into platform-specific issues, etc. and how to correct the most
basic issues, how to troubleshoot specific systems (where log file are,
etc), what process to work through to secure and rebuild a "hacked"
server...this could be a good section for us to contribute on.


On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 7:51 AM, Dinis Cruz <dinis at ddplus.net> wrote:

	(see below) It would be great to have a bunch of pages on our
WIKI dedicated to what to do after an attack.
	This should include information about how to deal
(professionally) with the incident and what should be done in the future
to prevent similar incidents.
	The guy is now focused, and if he was not aware of OWASP then
this would be a great time to introduce him to it.
	Dinis Cruz
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	From: Dhiraj Mahajan <dhirajsmahajan at gmail.com>
	Date: Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 8:52 AM
	Subject: [WEB SECURITY] Fwd: hi, need help
	To: websecurity at webappsec.org
	some hacker has hacked my website. (displaying hacked by turkish
	hacker), now wht shld i do to retrieve my
	original website. so please guide me how to get rid of tht
	Thanks & Regards,
	Dhiraj S Mahajan,
	Thanks & Regards,
	Dhiraj S Mahajan,
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