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There is a link to "get OWASP gear" on the wiki main page.


Were you thinking of adding other items here?


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I had the opportunity to hang out with folks that are working on our
branding aspects and wanted to understand if chapter leaders like the notion
of having an OWASP store where one could purchase OWASP logo apparel, mugs
and other items. Would we have a preference to outsource such a model where
we can derive some small revenue or should we go with a model where we do it
ourselves and make the opportunity for OWASP members to purchase items
cheaper by removing the middleman (at the expensive of a less pleasing user

It would be relatively easy for us to establish something like:
http://www.asestores.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=ISC2 I
had a chat with the vendor and this would be relatively simple.

It also has a side effect for those running conferences to not have to
figure out logistics of getting your own apparel while also providing
consistency of brand.

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