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WOW ! this will be a great idea and will greatly improve the visibility of
OWASP worldwide for many.  I also really like the video announcements like
the one we recorded in Portugal now if you click on the home page of
www.OWASP.ORG  you can hear Jeff summarize OWASP in 3 mins ;)
I personally enjoy Gary's interviews and stuff
http://www.cigital.com/silverbullet/  and some of these guests would
certainly be a good future speaker... also I would suggest podcast of each
OWASP Project so you can interview/discuss each project leader the project
as a topic and it will provide insight to the use/goals and motivation. We
can also pull in some of the proven educational speakers that presented at
appsec 2008  www.owasp.tv and other worldwide events and <POOF> you have
plenty of content -- now the hard work starts.... doing it ;)


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I've been spearheading getting the OWASP Podcast series going and I have a
few questions and comments:


1)      Every week I'll end up producing a ~30mb mp3 file that needs to be
hosted somewhere. Does anyone recommend a (podcast?) hosting service; or can
we use OWASP.org in some way? If so, I'd need special permission to upload
mp3 files directly since our version of MediaWiki does not seem to allow for
mp3 upload...


2)      Is anyone on this list interested in being interviewed for this
series in the future? If so, please email me directly at this address and we
can iterate to find a good time to schedule you in.


3)      The first OWASP podcast was recorded on November 21st and is located
on my personal account at http://www.manico.net/final.mp3 - please do not
pass this url around, but feel free to listen in and provide feedback. The
audio quality is not great, this is just my first attempt, and it will get


Thanks gents!






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