[Owasp-leaders] 60/40 Membership Drive @ OWASP

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There are some aspects of ISSA that don't translate well. Membership
there is used to gain access to meetings. If we were to borrow the
concept, then I could folks becoming a member of the chapter that has
the cheapest while ignoring the larger groups. For example, it would be
cheaper for me to become a member in say Vietnam than NYC.
I think a discussion is in order more about the human aspects which we
aren't really addressing. For example, there are some coworkers that
have traveled to user groups out of state, after work and never bothered
to expense the mileage or gas figuring it was for their professional
development, while other coworkers would go to the trouble of expensing
the price of a hot dog even if it required ten executive signatures.
Let's drill into how the later thinks as this will get us closer to our


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In addition to James', I have to say this is an issue for South America,
Asian, India and other not so valuable currencies countries.

Maybe we should set up a membership with a general price for OWASP,
let's say $25, and then each country or chapter could set up a price.
This is how ISSA does. It has a $95 price for 1-year membership and then
each chapter set up their own "price". Brasil charges $5 while other
places, like Switzerland charges $80.

By addopting a model similar to that, each chapter could have its own
benefits according to local events.

Leo Cavallari

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