[Owasp-leaders] 60/40 Membership Drive @ OWASP

Eduardo Neves eduardo at camargoneves.com
Tue Dec 9 14:32:15 EST 2008


Your comment just open another door which was discussed in Portugal on  
minor groups: how we will deal with local chapters and memberships?

I cannot donnate any penny for an US organization and receive a tax  
refund, but I can do it with a Brazilian based one, and perhaps this  
situatin is the same in other countries.

I understand if we can move forward on this discussion, we must think  
locally too.

best regards,

- en

On Dec 9, 2008, at 4:27 PM, kuai hinojosa wrote:

> Also, when I have referred to using the PBS/NPR model a while back I  
> suggested we:
> 1) Use conferences and OWASP events as fund drives
> 2) Constantly thank members contributions and companies/institutions  
> or individuals that make donations
> Just like PBS/NPR do, we also need to remind folks that their  
> donations are tax deductable at least in the U.S.A. and provide them  
> with receipts and information on how to benefit from this.
> Kuai
> On Dec 9, 2008, at 12:03 PM, Booth, Rex wrote:
>> I think that the existing model works fine in general, but it does  
>> limit our potential contributor population.  Many people aren’t  
>> going to fork over $100 simply because they believe in a cause.  If  
>> we’re going to retain the “public radio” model (a reference that  
>> may be lost on our non-US friends), then I think we need to adopt  
>> something akin to what Dirk has suggested: a tiered membership with  
>> corresponding benefits.
>> These benefits don’t have to be something inaccessible to others –  
>> I like the idea of a mailed and branded copy of the Live CD or of  
>> various other resources.
>> My biggest concern is that $100 is a bit steep for many people  
>> without either 1) corporate sponsorship or 2) an incentive to  
>> join.  I recommend lowering the price to $50 for 6 months and  
>> seeing if we get an increase in membership.
>> Rex Booth, CISSP, PMP
>> Manager
>> Global Public Sector
>> Grant Thornton LLP
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>> organizations. Grant Thornton International Ltd and its member  
>> firms are not a worldwide partnership, as each member firm is a  
>> separate and distinct legal entity.
>> In the U.S., visit Grant Thornton LLP at www.GrantThornton.com.
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>> Subject: Re: [Owasp-leaders] 60/40 Membership Drive @ OWASP
>> I'm relatively new here but thought I'd jump into the discussion.   
>> While we may be calling it "Membership", we're really pursuing  
>> "Sponsorship" or simply a source of funding our projects.  I'm no  
>> expert, but based upon what I've seen with other non-profits, this  
>> use of "Membership" is a mechanism to solidify an ongoing stream of  
>> contributions or sponsorship.  If somebody is a member of  
>> something, they are more likely to contribute funds when their  
>> "Membership" expires (perception impacts giving patterns).  I  
>> completely agree with Jeff that it is very similar to the public  
>> radio model which also uses membership as a mechanism to drive  
>> sponsorship based fund-raising.  Leveraging the public radio model,  
>> here are some potential benefits that we could offer members:
>> Level 1 Membership
>> Membership card (kinda cheesy, but some people like this sort of  
>> thing)
>> Member newsletter (spoon feeding members with information that is  
>> probably already available on the website)
>> Special member notifications of new projects, events, releases, etc.
>> Discounts to OWASP events
>> Listing in on-line membership directory (opt-in)
>> Level 2 Membership
>> All Level 1 benefits
>> Special Member Gift (logo mug, t-shirt, etc.)
>> Single prominent (main page) on-line recognition of gift on OWASP  
>> site.
>> Invitation to special Member-Only Events (Jeff or some other OWASP  
>> celeb to give special dog & pony show)
>> Level 3 Membership
>> All Level 1 and Level 2 benefits.
>> Additional Member Gifts (more mugs, t-shirts, etc.)
>> Mail CD/DVD version of selected released projects (like Live CD,  
>> etc.) to member (this will make some people feel special)
>> Free admission to Level 2 special Member-Only Events
>> Special Events for Level 3 Members only
>> Permit use of a special OWASP Sponsor Logo on member's website.
>> Rotating prominent (main page) on-line recognition of gift on OWASP  
>> site.
>> So, there are lots of possibilities and there could be as many or  
>> as few membership levels as desired.  Another thing to think about  
>> is asking existing sponsors to do matching donations for new  
>> members.  This is a very useful tactic to expand the base of  
>> members.  As the base of members grows, the members become an  
>> easier target of direct marketing in future fund raising efforts.   
>> For corporate members, the use of "challenges" can also help...this  
>> works by marketing directly to an existing member's competitors and  
>> appealing to their desire not to be overshadowed by their  
>> competition.
>> All that said, we need to make sure that we don't go overboard in  
>> raising funds.  We need to remember what our mission is and not be  
>> distracted by the chase for funds.  In the end, we're a non-profit  
>> organization that exists to contribute to the greater good of the  
>> community, but we do need money to effectively meet our mission.   
>> We also need to ensure that these members (regardless of  
>> sponsorship level) should not have any undue influence over our  
>> direction, mission, etc.
>> Okay, that's all I can think of right now.
>> Regards,
>> Dirk
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>> Subject: Re: [Owasp-leaders] 60/40 Membership Drive @ OWASP
>> Hi James,
>> OWASP has chosen a model where everything is free and open, so in  
>> one sense there’s no benefit to becoming a member. Anyone can use  
>> whatever they want without paying anything.
>> It sounds nuts, but we believe that we can reach more people and  
>> better achieve our mission with this strategy.  People interested  
>> in creating a world where software isn’t ridiculously vulnerable  
>> can support us by becoming a member. 100% of membership money goes  
>> towards application security projects.
>> I’ve found that the easiest way to explain it to people is to say  
>> that OWASP is like public radio, except that we don’t have annoying  
>> membership drives that interrupt service all the time J  Actually,  
>> there are a few minor benefits for members, such as discounts on  
>> conferences.
>> How do other people on the list respond to this?
>> --Jeff
>> Jeff Williams, Chair
>> The OWASP Foundation
>> work: 410-707-1487
>> main: 301-604-4882
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>> Subject: Re: [Owasp-leaders] 60/40 Membership Drive @ OWASP
>> What is the value proposition for a person or company to become a  
>> paying member of OWASP?
>> People and companies in Austin have asked me about this, and I am  
>> not really sure what to tell them.
>> Best,
>> James
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>> J.H. Wickett
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>> On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 9:04 AM, Tom Brennan - OWASP  
>> <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:
>> The OWASP Foundation board has unanimously approved at our December  
>> Board
>> Meeting (
>> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/ 
>> OWASP_Board_Meetings_December_Agenda )an
>> amendment to the current individual/corporate membership model for  
>> 2009.
>> The concept builds on the accomplishment of centralized processing  
>> of local
>> chapter donations using the integrated button that is currently on  
>> every
>> chapters wiki page.
>> We are doing a MEMBERSHIP DRIVE FOLKS  - kicking off Jan 2009 - Dec  
>> 2009
>> with a 60/40 split. 60% of the raised funds would go towards OWASP
>> Foundation operations, grant projects, events, global committee  
>> budgets
>> etc., and 40% of the funds would be ear-marked for your local OWASP  
>> chapter
>> that with a scanned or receipt will be reimbursed with 30 days.
>> MEMBERSHIP - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership
>> FAQ
>> ----
>> WHY?
>> * The purpose of this MEMBERSHIP DRIVE is to encourage local  
>> chapters start
>> evangelizing OWASP to local chapter members as well as corporate/ 
>> educational
>> members to join the mission to have measurable growth in 2009.
>> * Additional funding of Grant Projects - http://www.owasp.org
>> * This split model enables a funding model that the local chapters  
>> can
>> utilize to fund events, refreshments, give-aways, video-cameras,  
>> provide
>> "chapter grants" and more to meet the mission of OWASP Foundation  
>> regionally
>> and utilize the global "bank"
>> Devil in the details.....
>> * We are still working out the logistical items of this  
>> announcement however
>> we felt that with the holidays and the new year coming we needed to  
>> announce
>> this NOW to get you thinking about it creatively for your local  
>> chapter and
>> region.  If you see a road-block to the end result, please identify  
>> it and
>> recommend a solution to the problem.  You can also contact your  
>> regional
>> representative of the OWASP Global Membership Committee
>> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_EU_Summit_2008#NEW_GLOBAL_COMMITTEE_STR
>> * Kate Hartman will be the primary point of contact for this effort  
>> in
>> handling the money/invoices and questions in tracking this effort  
>> see:
>> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/About_OWASP#Structure  Today you can  
>> steer
>> individual members and corporate members to your chapter wiki page  
>> to make a
>> donation online OR they can request a invoice from Kate Hartman or  
>> mail a
>> check the "old fashion way"  In the end your local chapter will be  
>> given
>> credit for the efforts with 40% of the income earmarked.
>> If you have direct questions you are more then welcome to call me at
>> 973-795-1046 or email tomb at owasp.org - OR simply reply to this  
>> unmoderated
>> professional discussion with 275 people on it.
>> Semper Fi,
>> Tom Brennan
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