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So true, 
Just to put that in perspective, in Mexico salaries are about 3 to 4
times less than in US (at IT industry other are yet smaller), so paying
100 for an individual membership is like actually paying 300 or 400 to
us, not to speak about companies paying 8000, as that use to be small
and medium on average.
I know memberships from "smaller" countries would "pay" less to OWASP
(as we could do less). But will "pay" more than not having them as
additional. And at the same time we make them feel included and proud of
be part of this big organization. I heard 1 satisfied customer brings 7
more, so one proud member might bring us 7 more to the community to
increase awareness on the industry.
Juan Carlos Calderon


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In addition to James', I have to say this is an issue for South America,
Asian, India and other not so valuable currencies countries.

Maybe we should set up a membership with a general price for OWASP,
let's say $25, and then each country or chapter could set up a price.
This is how ISSA does. It has a $95 price for 1-year membership and then
each chapter set up their own "price". Brasil charges $5 while other
places, like Switzerland charges $80.

By addopting a model similar to that, each chapter could have its own
benefits according to local events.

Leo Cavallari


On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 2:03 PM, edm.dnj <edm.dnj at gmail.com> wrote:

	I'm relatively new here but thought I'd jump into the
discussion.  While we may be calling it "Membership", we're really
pursuing "Sponsorship" or simply a source of funding our projects.  I'm
no expert, but based upon what I've seen with other non-profits, this
use of "Membership" is a mechanism to solidify an ongoing stream of
contributions or sponsorship.  If somebody is a member of something,
they are more likely to contribute funds when their "Membership" expires
(perception impacts giving patterns).  I completely agree with Jeff that
it is very similar to the public radio model which also uses membership
as a mechanism to drive sponsorship based fund-raising.  Leveraging the
public radio model, here are some potential benefits that we could offer
	Level 1 Membership

	*	Membership card (kinda cheesy, but some people like this
sort of thing)
	*	Member newsletter (spoon feeding members with
information that is probably already available on the website) 
	*	Special member notifications of new projects, events,
releases, etc.
	*	Discounts to OWASP events 
	*	Listing in on-line membership directory (opt-in)

	Level 2 Membership

	*	All Level 1 benefits 
	*	Special Member Gift (logo mug, t-shirt, etc.) 
	*	Single prominent (main page) on-line recognition of gift
on OWASP site.
	*	Invitation to special Member-Only Events (Jeff or some
other OWASP celeb to give special dog & pony show)

	Level 3 Membership

	*	All Level 1 and Level 2 benefits. 
	*	Additional Member Gifts (more mugs, t-shirts, etc.) 
	*	Mail CD/DVD version of selected released projects (like
Live CD, etc.) to member (this will make some people feel special)
	*	Free admission to Level 2 special Member-Only Events
	*	Special Events for Level 3 Members only 
	*	Permit use of a special OWASP Sponsor Logo on member's
	*	Rotating prominent (main page) on-line recognition of
gift on OWASP site.

	So, there are lots of possibilities and there could be as many
or as few membership levels as desired.  Another thing to think about is
asking existing sponsors to do matching donations for new members.  This
is a very useful tactic to expand the base of members.  As the base of
members grows, the members become an easier target of direct marketing
in future fund raising efforts.  For corporate members, the use of
"challenges" can also help...this works by marketing directly to an
existing member's competitors and appealing to their desire not to be
overshadowed by their competition.
	All that said, we need to make sure that we don't go overboard
in raising funds.  We need to remember what our mission is and not be
distracted by the chase for funds.  In the end, we're a non-profit
organization that exists to contribute to the greater good of the
community, but we do need money to effectively meet our mission.  We
also need to ensure that these members (regardless of sponsorship level)
should not have any undue influence over our direction, mission, etc.
	Okay, that's all I can think of right now.


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		Hi James,


		OWASP has chosen a model where everything is free and
open, so in one sense there's no benefit to becoming a member. Anyone
can use whatever they want without paying anything.


		It sounds nuts, but we believe that we can reach more
people and better achieve our mission with this strategy.  People
interested in creating a world where software isn't ridiculously
vulnerable can support us by becoming a member. 100% of membership money
goes towards application security projects.


		I've found that the easiest way to explain it to people
is to say that OWASP is like public radio, except that we don't have
annoying membership drives that interrupt service all the time J
Actually, there are a few minor benefits for members, such as discounts
on conferences.


		How do other people on the list respond to this?




		Jeff Williams, Chair

		The OWASP Foundation <http://www.owasp.org/> 

		work: 410-707-1487

		main: 301-604-4882


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		What is the value proposition for a person or company to
become a paying member of OWASP?
		People and companies in Austin have asked me about this,
and I am not really sure what to tell them.  
		J.H. Wickett
		General Manager, impactnews.com
		Community Impact Newspaper
		Local. Useful. Everyone Gets It.
		(512) 989-6808 - Main Office
		(512) 989-6809 - Fax
		(512) 465-2623 - Austin Bureau 

		On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 9:04 AM, Tom Brennan - OWASP
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		The OWASP Foundation board has unanimously approved at
our December Board
		Meeting (
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Board_Meetings_December_Agenda )an
		amendment to the current individual/corporate membership
model for 2009.
		The concept builds on the accomplishment of centralized
processing of local
		chapter donations using the integrated button that is
currently on every
		chapters wiki page.
		We are doing a MEMBERSHIP DRIVE FOLKS  - kicking off Jan
2009 - Dec 2009
		with a 60/40 split. 60% of the raised funds would go
towards OWASP
		Foundation operations, grant projects, events, global
committee budgets
		etc., and 40% of the funds would be ear-marked for your
local OWASP chapter
		that with a scanned or receipt will be reimbursed with
30 days.
		MEMBERSHIP - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership
		* The purpose of this MEMBERSHIP DRIVE is to encourage
local chapters start
		evangelizing OWASP to local chapter members as well as
		members to join the mission to have measurable growth in
		* Additional funding of Grant Projects -
		* This split model enables a funding model that the
local chapters can
		utilize to fund events, refreshments, give-aways,
video-cameras, provide
		"chapter grants" and more to meet the mission of OWASP
Foundation regionally
		and utilize the global "bank"
		Devil in the details.....
		* We are still working out the logistical items of this
announcement however
		we felt that with the holidays and the new year coming
we needed to announce
		this NOW to get you thinking about it creatively for
your local chapter and
		region.  If you see a road-block to the end result,
please identify it and
		recommend a solution to the problem.  You can also
contact your regional
		representative of the OWASP Global Membership Committee
		* Kate Hartman will be the primary point of contact for
this effort in
		handling the money/invoices and questions in tracking
this effort see:
Today you can steer
		individual members and corporate members to your chapter
wiki page to make a
		donation online OR they can request a invoice from Kate
Hartman or mail a
		check the "old fashion way"  In the end your local
chapter will be given
		credit for the efforts with 40% of the income earmarked.
		If you have direct questions you are more then welcome
to call me at
		973-795-1046 or email tomb at owasp.org - OR simply reply
to this unmoderated
		professional discussion with 275 people on it.
		Semper Fi,
		Tom Brennan
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