[OWASP-LEADERS] RE: License question

Aral Balkan aral at bitsandpixels.co.uk
Fri Nov 28 11:26:50 EST 2003

Hi Mark, Jeff,

Thank you both for your quick replies (and, of course, for your work on
OWASP/Top Ten list).

We were drawn to oPortal through the Top Ten list, but, under GNU (thank you
for confirming my thoughts) we simply cannot use it for anything. None of
our clients would allow us to release their contents under GPL and, for this
current Project, releasing the Portlet we are going to create would destroy
its business model. Just for the record, we have no problem whatsoever with
extending oPortal itself and making those extensions a part of oPortal.
However, I cannot see a business use for oPortal while portlets and other
*content* must be GPLed.

Am I wrong on the "content" front? I must be since there are a wealth of
open source content management systems/frameworks out there. Surely the GNU
does not apply to content *stored* on these systems and their derivatives.
Is this a gray area or am I just off my rocker?

Thanks again for your time on this!

All the best,

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PS. After further research we're probably going to be going with Jetspeed,
but we will, as always, be checking against your Top Ten :)

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