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Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Fri Nov 28 20:38:26 EST 2003

Lots of interesting stuff and opinions about licensing. 
As you know I have two main things I care about with this stuff. 
1. Copyright is owned by no-one i.e. FSF so that copyright holder can not
reassign the license to a commercial version and make money from
contributors hard work. This promotes people contributing without the fear
that they maybe contributing to someone elses intellectual property bank.
2. The work can't be used by people to sell for money or closed.
For this reason we discounted the Apache license and some other OSI approved
licenses earlier in the process. However I am very open if everyone wants to
vote on a process to change our licensing to code, although I am not sure we
are even allowed to do that on existing code as it was Copyrighted to the
So we have a champion for this or shall we cruise along as we are for now ?


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Well, oPortal's external libraries WILL be LGPL'ed. Currently we do not have
the portlet API released. Therefore there is no issue at the moment. When we
go to release the portlet code we will license it with the LGPL.

If there are currently any API's that need to be relicensed, then I am fully
supportive of those licenses being changed. I really do not care if the
whole of oPortal is relicensed to LGPL. If there is some condition that
warrants this, then I am ok with 100% license change - and this should be
acceptable with the FSF as well. I believe that we have been adding Source
Code comments from a Template. We can change this template as well.

David Raphael
oPortal Leader

On Nov 28, 2003, at 8:17 AM, Mark Curphey wrote:

I am not a licensing expert but I know we have some people on the project
who are pretty well up on this sort of thing. Guys, any comments ?

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I believe I have a firm grasp of the GPL license as it pertains to software
itself, however in this case, if we were to use oPortal, could custom
portlets that we create have to be released under GPL? Would a site that
uses oPortal come under GPL?

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