Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Mon Nov 3 20:16:50 EST 2003


I had a great mail from Dinis Cruz asking if OWASP was interested in his
ANSA project and interested in him and his team joining OWASP. 


After the usually screening of copyright, using CVS etc I think there is a
great fit. Dinis and I have actually spoken about a wider project based on
.NET incorporating the ANSA work, a c# WAS execution engine and the MVC /
RBAC framework that I had going nowhere as a stealth project. Possibly
others such as taking the c# spider and building some simple XSS tests etc
all under the umbrella (and portal tab) of a .NET project.

Whilst I didn't want to take anything new on this year whilst we get the
Guide, Testing and other projects on track, I think this is a really good
fit for OWASP and Dinis is a motivated guy with some great ideas.

Does this work for everyone else ?

Unless I hear from anyone with objections I am going to welcome Dinis to
owasp-leaders and we will move to get the projects online very soon.

Also I have spoken to a number of people about creating an "OWASP Labs" tab
on the site for projects that may or maynot be maintained or are not as big
as say the portal code or CodeSeeker. Current candidates are Stinger (Jeffs
Java HTTP validation framework), PHP and Java Filters, CodeSpy etc

Again unless anyone objects I will look to get this online in the next weeks



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