[OWASP-LEADERS] Licensing for Filters / OCL

Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Tue Jun 24 16:34:24 EDT 2003


> Well... I think this makes for an interesting question. Can we iron out
> what a commercial license might look like?
Hm... Very good question. If we really consider to use that model than
maybe it would be best to have a closer look at some "living" examples,
e.g. Poseidon UML (comes with a "community" and a "commercial"
license), Berkeley db and others.
I guess it is a bit tricky to invent an own license that could be compatible
with a parallel GPLd version. So we would be better off looking at other
models and try to adapt them.

> Otherwise I generally like things like the LGPL much better and here's
> why. It forces improvements to be given back - and it allows companies
> to use the software improve it and continue to make money off their core
> product.
Yep, that's the main argument of UNESCO too; they do not feel responsible
for promoting free software, but they want that companies can benefit from 
their software too.
So maybe it's the easiest option to use the LGPL here - the only con is that
you give up a potential source of fund raising with it (of course it still is 
possible to offer paid support / maintenance agreements or the like).

I think it really is only a question of a simple vote.

So, let's set up a generic vote whether to use GPL or LGPL for OWASP
library projects and then go on with it.

Sounds like a plan?

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