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I saw this a few months ago and thought it was a very very cool idea.  http://h2oproject.law.harvard.edu/  It's based on Struts and is free and open source.  You should try it out at http://h2o.law.harvard.edu/index.jsp.
  "The Rotisserie implements an innovative approach to online discussion that encourages measured, thoughtful discourse in a way that traditional threaded messaging systems cannot. In contrast to the completely asynchronous, broadcast-to-broadcast mode of existing threaded messaging systems, the Rotisserie adds structure to both the timing and the flow of the discussion. The timing of the discussion is broken into semi-synchronous rounds. Users are allowed to post responses at any time, but their responses are not published to other users until the deadline for the current round passes. This structure allows users to put significant thought into their responses rather than competing with other participants to post first. More important, this structure allows the system to control the flow of the discussion by distributing responses to specific users for further discussion at the end of each round, ensuring that every post is distributed to at least one other user for comment and that each user has exactly one post to which to respond. Lastly, the Rotisserie system includes support for discussion not only within a given class, but also between many different classes at once, allowing, for instance, Internet law classes at HLS and Cambridge to participate in a discussion about digital rights management with an engineering course at MIT."


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  As you know for a while many of us have wanted to have our own
  discussion forums to enable recorded debate and project support
  discussions which can be available for all to view. Its a community
  thing I think. It would also be nice for webappsec and other mailing
  list archives to be on the portal. 

  Today I hope we are getting close to formalizing sponsorship for this
  portion of the new portal with a company called Tech-Partners.

  We originally looked at the enterprise version of Jive Forums
  (http://www.jivesoftware.com) which runs the forums at
  http://forums.java.sun.com and integrates with LDAP and other
  architecturally significant parts of the new portal infrastructure. Of
  course in an ideal world there would be an open source forum software in
  Java that would offer all of the same features (Java, LDAP, Moderation,
  profanity filters etc) and scale to meet our requirements. 

  I don't think there is in Java but before we spend $7,500 on the
  software, can anyone suggest any alternatives ?

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