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How about ezmlm? Last I used, it had all the features that we want (LDAP,
moderation, profanity filters, list splitting, subscribe/unsubscribe, remote
management, bounce handling, etc). Besides, its super stable, open source
and there is a huge community of dedicated followers out there who know it
inside-out and are more than willing to help you at any step.

Check www.ezmlm.org for more details.


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> As you know for a while many of us have wanted to have our own
> discussion forums to enable recorded debate and project support
> discussions which can be available for all to view. Its a community
> thing I think. It would also be nice for webappsec and other mailing
> list archives to be on the portal.
> Today I hope we are getting close to formalizing sponsorship for this
> portion of the new portal with a company called Tech-Partners.
> We originally looked at the enterprise version of Jive Forums
> (http://www.jivesoftware.com) which runs the forums at
> http://forums.java.sun.com and integrates with LDAP and other
> architecturally significant parts of the new portal infrastructure. Of
> course in an ideal world there would be an open source forum software in
> Java that would offer all of the same features (Java, LDAP, Moderation,
> profanity filters etc) and scale to meet our requirements.
> I don't think there is in Java but before we spend $7,500 on the
> software, can anyone suggest any alternatives ?
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