[OWASP-LEADERS] New Member and 1st step to getting more organized

Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Tue Jan 28 12:54:12 EST 2003


> Well, to be fair, we've restructured almost all of the CVS directories
> around your good suggestions.  That it's been harder to sell some of the
> other guidelines (IMHO) shows the downsides (and potential) beneifits of
> the loosely-coupled Open Source methodology. Ingo likely gets frustrated
> with the rest of us as he's "gone pro" while the rest of us are just
> trying to fill some big shoes as amatures.
I am not frustrated with you OWASP people...
I really enjoy working with you, since all discussions are equatable and
beneficial. I made some bad experiences elsewhere and did not want to
sound unfair. :o)

> Given those, I think we should give project leads latitude on their code
> formatting requirements, but should say that all subprojects SHOULD
> define some kind of formatting standard and stick to it. This provies us
> with a way to bring truly wayward projects back into the fold while
> giving projects the flexibility the distribute Open Source development
> model requires.
> OTOH, if we're suddenly graced with a Linus-like development god that is
> willing to be involved with _everyone's_ minutia, then we might have a
> hope of enforcing some central guidelines on this one. Until then, I
> suggest we let projects move forward on their own and see if consensus
> emerges.
I keep the hope that such a god wont haunt us.
What I like particularly about OWASP is the open and democratic structure.
Emerged consensus is way better and more stable than rising and falling gods.

> Text processing tools are plentiful and easy to use should we come to
> eventually need a common format, winning back alienated developers
> isn't nearly as simple.
Very truly spoken...

> Agreed. While I think it can't hurt to ask developers to poke around in
> the other OWASP projects before looking elsewhere, I'd kinda like to see
> re-used code get reused out of merit, not just because it was "ours".
That's my notion of "re-using" things too.

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