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Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Thu Jan 16 11:28:39 EST 2003

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Hi folks...

A bit late, but yesterday I've been hacking all night long 'till 3:30am...

My name is Ingo Struck and since about ten years I try to become
a self-educated hacker. ;o)
During that time I gained some negligible experience with some programming
languages and with the structures of personal computers.
I have been working on the VulnXML db application for about four months and
despite some massive changes within the API I am very confident to come to 
an end with it very soon. Together with this particular application I am 
trying to develop a very lightweight, high-quality and fast java library 
suited for scalable robust and high-performance java applications (the ocl);
that's why the progress of the application sometimes is a bit short of the 
development of that (hopefully) reusable library.

Besides I am studying communication sciences and maths with the vision of
becoming a good empirical social scientist and statistician. ;o)

For some years I studied physics and during that time I worked on a C++ and
Fortran90 data analysis and quantum mechanics software package.

To earn a living I have been working as a web application developer for the
last three years and now I try to transfer my focus from payed closed source
to sponsored open source development. Last fall some colleagues of mine and 
me founded the OpenIsis society (http://openisis.org), which has the objective
to develop sustainable open source systems for people with high quality 
information (especially libraries, archives and the like).

I love the work within the OWASP team, since you all are so very companionable
and since all the discussions are problem-oriented and sound standing.
Here I try to contribute something to the widespread comprehension of web 
application security, since that field still seems to be unattended by a 
majority of developers, users and (alas) "vendors".


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