[OWASP-LEADERS] Re-introductions and a few things......

Lawrence, Gabriel glawrence at ucsd.edu
Wed Jan 15 14:02:52 EST 2003

I'm Gabe Lawrence. I'm currently Data Security Manager for
administrative systems at University California San Diego. I'm working
on developing a single sign on solution across all the administrative
applications including web apps, mainframe apps, and other proprietary

My past consists of building many enterprise class web applications -
predominately using Java technology although I have written some C/C++
when forced to. I'm not really a language bigot, just into productivity
and find that Java is a more productive environment for my development

Most recently, I founded Butterfly Security, LLC. Under my leadership we
built the company, developed a product, shipped it and ran out of money
:-) This is the codeseeker product that upon our demise we handed over

Before that I worked for Sun Microsystems doing enterprise java
projects. I was in both their professional services organization and
JavaSoftware. I did projects for companies such as PeopleSoft, CSX,
Galileo, Bank of America, The Money Store, and others... At sun, I
worked to develop Sun.net an secure intranet gateway solution that was
eventually productized and is a component of their portal server and a
never released web browser (not hot java, but I did do some bug fixes
for hot java...)

In owasp I'm working to get codeseeker in order and out as well as some
minor help with the filters project - mostly flaking on that... But I
hope to have enough time in the coming months to play a larger role.


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