[OWASP-LEADERS] Re-introductions and a few things......

Michael Schmuhl michael at schmuhl.org
Wed Jan 15 13:06:26 EST 2003

Man -- where's my resume?

I'm Michael Schmuhl, and I'll be brief.  c/c++, java, perl, linux, bsd, 
....  My editor/IDE of choice is emacs.  I'm an OSS/FSF junkie who only 
uses winders when forced to (like for visio).  I've been writing web 
apps since about '97.  My undergraduate work is 7+ years and growing -- 
that's what a wife and three kids will do for you.

My professional background is pretty evenly split between systems 
architecture and software development.  My favorite job title ever was 
Head Ninja.  Ah, those were the days...  I'm currently responsible for 
software security at a large financial institution in the western US.

I've been an OWASP fan for about a year, and have used the Guide as a 
guide (!) to train internal developers.  I'm currently working on the 
Encyclopedia (ASAC), but not because I enjoy it.  It's tedious, and it 
is a constant reminder of why I'm not a tech writer.  I am, however, 
convinced of the need for it, and when Mark suggested that the ASAC 
would slip out of existence, I hopped on to make sure that didn't happen.

<OWASP praise> <lamentations on the lack of more free time>

I agree with Dave's suggestions for more coordination/communication.  If 
the Encyclopedia's not deeply connected with the Guide and VulnXML (at 
least), it really loses value. </sidebar>  I'll expand on the idea, too, 
and suggest that we slate a get-together at some conference this year 
for all who can make it.

Mark Curphey wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I spent some time on the phone today with a few of you and I think there are generally a few things I (we) can probably do a little better. 
> Alex and I are going to take a first stab at a strawman of a few guidelines that will make all of our lives easier, which we will circulate for discussion in a week or so.
> In the meantime I wonder if everyone on this list can re-introduce themselves. There are some new people on the list, others don't know each other as well as I know you all and quite frankly I haven't done a good job of introducing people. Perhaps a paragraph about your background, what you do for a living and some details of the OWASP projects you are working on or have worked on. Maybe some words about your ideas of what we could do better as well might be good for discussion. 
> I will send mine when I get back home later today.
> Thanks
> Mark
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