[OWASP-LEADERS] Re-introductions and a few things......

moksha faced admin at mokshafaced.com
Tue Jan 14 19:22:42 EST 2003


My name is Moksha Faced, I am a refugee Uzbek militant
Buddhist member of the extremist left-wing
organization known as THE MAHAYANIST PEOPLE'S
hacker (which in Tibetan means Lumberjack) until I saw
the Divine Light (which was the incoming train on the
Orient Express).  I continue to work on the Webscarab,
doc stuff and help out as I can on other stuff;
although time has been in short supply and it's been
patchy.  I'm primarily a Java guy but do Perl, C/++/#
when someone is pointing a gun to my head.  I'm
currently trying to get a standalone version of
OpenProxy (which will will be the manual interrogation
tool for webscarab) out shortly (Mark knows I've been
saying that for a month now) so it can be used with
our other stuff - but with the hiaitous on new
releases I guess I can take a break now.

In my country, we use camels.


--- Mark Curphey <mark at curphey.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I spent some time on the phone today with a few of
> you and I think there are generally a few things I
> (we) can probably do a little better. 
> Alex and I are going to take a first stab at a
> strawman of a few guidelines that will make all of
> our lives easier, which we will circulate for
> discussion in a week or so.
> In the meantime I wonder if everyone on this list
> can re-introduce themselves. There are some new
> people on the list, others don't know each other as
> well as I know you all and quite frankly I haven't
> done a good job of introducing people. Perhaps a
> paragraph about your background, what you do for a
> living and some details of the OWASP projects you
> are working on or have worked on. Maybe some words
> about your ideas of what we could do better as well
> might be good for discussion. 
> I will send mine when I get back home later today.
> Thanks
> Mark
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