[OWASP-LEADERS] Copyright fun again

Jeff Williams @ Aspect jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com
Fri Feb 28 13:41:08 EST 2003

> I think though it raises an interesting moral question for us as a
> project. Given that a project that we started and is popular (it is
> always the number 1 search item at owasp.org) is no longer available as
> open source, should we resurrect it as a project to ensure it stays open
> and available ? If the answer is yes, do we have an VB coders prepared
> to step up to the plate and take it on ? 

What I'd like to see happen is that OWASP makes the original codebase available, perhaps as a "deprecated" project. The features that make WebSleuth interesting could be ported into a supported project (WebScarab or OpenProxy).  Then we can steer anyone interested in WebSleuth towards a supported OWASP project.  I'd steer away from VB projects.


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