[OWASP-LEADERS] Copyright fun again

Gabriel Lawrence gabe at landq.org
Fri Feb 28 13:13:06 EST 2003

Ahh... missed the apache license part. Then it's all good - he can do
whatever as long as he attributes us.

I'm not a VB programmer, but even if its not actively being worked on I
think we should archive it if we are the only source for the original
code base... The best thing about the internet is that nothing ever goes
away :-)


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I think Jeff's point about it being an Apache license (and it was)
actually negates many of the issues and concerns. As he points out all
Dave needs to do is to include a copyright notice to OWASP. Its also
worth pointing out that apart from the plugins, Dave was the only author

So unless I am missing something (in between the hundreds of ooo
replies, now fixed) I think I can just tell him hes free to proceed as
long as he abides by the Apache license, tell the gang complaining its
Apache and all move on ? 

I think though it raises an interesting moral question for us as a
project. Given that a project that we started and is popular (it is
always the number 1 search item at owasp.org) is no longer available as
open source, should we resurrect it as a project to ensure it stays open
and available ? If the answer is yes, do we have an VB coders prepared
to step up to the plate and take it on ? 

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