[OWASP-LEADERS] Copyright fun again

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Thu Feb 27 03:01:11 EST 2003

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On Friday 28 February 2003 01:04 am, Mark Curphey wrote:
> Assign copyright to Dave

If we really don't want it, then I suggest that we do this (or at the very 
least, cut him a license under very flexible terms). This has the downside 
of setting a very negative precident. The last thing we want is for project 
leaders to be able to say "oh, and by the way, I'm taking my ball and going 
home...", so whatever arrangement we come up with that involves assignment 
of OWASP copyrights, I think it should involve some sort of compensation 
for the project (even if token). We should be giving our code and time away 
for free, not our rights.

> Demand it is made open and involve the FSF

I don't think the FSF will touch it (but obviously, I can't speak for them). 
It was never GPL and the copyright was never assigned to them, so they have 
very little incentive to do anything but say "I told you so".

That said, we can easily demand that he cease abusing our copyright, but I 
think it's a bluff and one he can call pretty easily. If we're not 
interested in the project that much, how much stomach are we going to have 
for trying to drag this through to some kind of judge-mandated arbitration?

> Do nothing

I like this least. It discredits us and leaves him in legal limbo. Even if 
it's only a token gesture, we need to move decisively one way or the other. 

Regardless of what the group decides, I don't think we should drop the issue 
until we have a definitive statement agreed to by both Dave and ourselves 
that encompases what happened and what both parties forward-looking stance 
on this IP is.
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