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Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Thu Feb 27 14:43:21 EST 2003


> We are nearing a full release of the OWASP Portal ;)  There are quite a
> few things you guys can start browsing in the CVS. (Cache, XSL
> Transforms,  User Model, LDAP, Look and Feel)
I installed some basic setup for the httpd / tomcat on oblix an hour ago.
This has to be moved to asterix this weekend.
The ssl keys still need to be created; I will do this right now and install
them tomorrow. However, they will be untrusted.
We need to find a *cheap* certificate authority - thawte.com for example
wants to have 350 USD annually for an initial certification.

David, I will commit some heavy changes to the CVS tonight, probably
we need to chat to get in sync again. Basically only some of the control
stuff moved and I have now clarified the Operation class hierarchy such
that the wizard-style editing mechanism is abstracted from the VulnXML
and supports multiple form actions.
BTW it didn't take me by surprise that you switched to apache rss digester.
I really like that stuff too. It's so elegant and lean... ;o)

Kind regards


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