Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Sun Feb 2 17:29:09 EST 2003


> The concept of thoughtful and meaningful discussions without the noise is
> really appealing. And the fact its GPL and Struts based makes it all the
> more so (integrates into our security and look and feel). This is gonna
> rock! By the way the forums will be made possible by sponsorship to David
> from Tech-partners.com

> I have reviewed the source (GPL) pretty extensively and I believe that
> it will work quite well with our portal.  Please everyone review the
> FAQ on the site.  It will walk you through the idea behind these
> Forums.  I like to look at it as a very "pro-active" concept of a
> forum.  And it seems to be much less prone to Slashdot-type flame-bait
> posts.  Meaningful discussions that are time-sensitive seems to be the
> focus here.
The idea behind that is very reasonable.
The implementation, although using a complete suite of rather XML-centric
tools and thus is a bit bloated, seems to be very clean and straightforward.
I am sure it can be very easily integrated with the portal.

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