[OWASP-LEADERS] Portal Updates

Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Tue Dec 23 20:40:52 EST 2003


I am spending lots of time this holiday making the portal look all nice
ready for the new year. Dinis's .NET content, WebGoat 3.0, and new T10 for
the early part of the new year. And I am all festive, had too much beer and
need some light entertainment.

I am opening a Café Press store for OWASP merchandise. More for fun than
money but anything we make will go back to the project 100%.

A few ideas so far, more welcome....

T-Shirts with OWASP Logo and the text;

WebScarab - Patent this ! Built in Prague by a South African.

WebScarab != CrapScan

OWASP - The Truth is Out There

OWASP Guide - The Truth is Out There

OWASP Testing - The Truth is Out There

OWASP Top Ten - Recommended Reading by Your The Federal Trade Commission

OCL - German Engineering at it Finest

Need good logos for Portal and other projects. You can also do mouse mats,
mugs and all sorts of cool stuff !

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