[OWASP-LEADERS] Food for thought - Web Browser compatibility

David Raphael david.raphael at ceterum.net
Tue Apr 8 12:47:55 EDT 2003

Well I agree with you about NS4 being damned - It is a worthless 
browser and we should not feed companies products that encourage 

However, do you support 90%? or 100%?  I am leaning towards 100%.  I am 
just imagining how many Sun Workstations are running Netscape 4.xx.  
and those are J2EE developers that are going to be very unhappy with no 
NS4 support.

So far I am testing with the following browsers:

Internet Explorer for Windows 5.5
Internet Explorer for Windows 6.0
Internet Explorer for Mac 5.0
Netscape 6.0-7.0
Mozilla .99-1.4a

Netscape 4.XX

We can support NS4.  But the question is should we?


On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 10:17  AM, Alex Russell wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, David Raphael wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> First off - what Web Browser does everyone use here? Please list
>> Version as well.
> Konqueror 3.x
> Mozilla 1.3.x
> Opera 7
> (all on Linux, and in that order in terms of frequency)
>> Additionally,
>> I have been gathering some statistics on Web Browser distibution.  
>> Here
>> is what I found
>> http://www.upsdell.com/BrowserNews/stat_trends.htm
>> I have also seen other statistics.  But the main issue is old Netscape
>> support.
> I'm of the opinion that we should design degradeably, so that our
> content is accessable, but that explicitly trying to support browsers
> that understand nothing but tag soup is not only endangers our ability
> to write standards compliant code, but also holds the web back.
> I say go nuts with CSS and NN4 be damned. However, given that approach,
> I don't think we should be doing things like using tables for layout,
> etc...
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