[OWASP-LEADERS] Food for thought - Web Browser compatibility

Jennifer Tharp tharpo at tharpo.com
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I'm a Mozilla 1.2.1 person myself.  These statistics reflect what I've been
seeing in my work, as well.  Determined that over 50% of QA time was being
spent on old Netscape browsers -- my client subscribes to the "no child left
behind" theory of browser support.  I'd strongly argue eliminating support
for old Netscape browsers at the minimum. Our target audience is not going
to be using browsers 5 years old or older -- those are for our parents.  ;)

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Hello everyone,

First off - what Web Browser does everyone use here? Please list
Version as well.


I have been gathering some statistics on Web Browser distibution.  Here
is what I found


I have also seen other statistics.  But the main issue is old Netscape

We are making some major design decisions regarding Browser support
(what year do we go back to? 6 years!?).  At some point you begin to
completely compromise decent looking design for Web pages.  Being that
our site is Web-centric...It would seem that we are not a low-level
Kernel Site!  But I would like to know what the priorities are for
Browser compatibility.

Thanks everyone,
david raphael

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