[OWASP-LEADERS] Food for thought - Web Browser compatibility

David Raphael david.raphael at ceterum.net
Mon Apr 7 23:48:26 EDT 2003

Hello everyone,

First off - what Web Browser does everyone use here? Please list 
Version as well.


I have been gathering some statistics on Web Browser distibution.  Here 
is what I found


I have also seen other statistics.  But the main issue is old Netscape 

We are making some major design decisions regarding Browser support 
(what year do we go back to? 6 years!?).  At some point you begin to 
completely compromise decent looking design for Web pages.  Being that 
our site is Web-centric...It would seem that we are not a low-level 
Kernel Site!  But I would like to know what the priorities are for 
Browser compatibility.

Thanks everyone,
david raphael

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