[OWASP-LEADERS] New OWASP Logo is here !

Michael Schmuhl michael at schmuhl.org
Tue Oct 22 16:12:13 EDT 2002

Wonderful work.  We have license to get picky since it's a logo, right? :)

Can we override the font default and shimmy the 'ASP' to the left? 
There's a whole lotta whitespace between the W and the A.  The longer I 
look at it (that there may be my problem), the more it looks like
"OW ASP."  I wouldn't have an issue if ASP weren't a prominent acronym 
in the web world.

Very clean.  Very nice.

Mark Curphey wrote:
> Attached is the new logo. I think this is a great 
> piece of work. Its distinctive, clean, catchy but 
> not gimicky !
> You'll see it on the OWASP report that will 
> hopefully go out later today. I'll make it available 
> in the commons library at Sourceforge.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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