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Tue Oct 15 01:59:52 EDT 2002


Please find attached my first draft at an annual report on OWASP
activities and plans for the year ahead.

Most importantly I think is that for a while I have been trying to
figure how we can get some funding to help developers move coding
projects up in their competing work/life priorities. 

I think funding models are really hard with an OS project as it could
get in the way of the ideals of the project if we don't get the balance
right. I have outlined a proposal in this document and re-iterate it is
a proposal. I want to get majority buy-in before we do this as it is a
change from the way we have been operating. We have trialled this with
Kavado's sponsorship of Ingo to build the VulnXML database and so far I
think its working out really really well. I am really interested in any
feedback either to this list or in person. You can also call me on the
phone or IM me to chat.

As well as that specific issue, I would really appreciate feedback and
additions to the report itself. I am always getting asked what we are up
to and so this will serve as a public update on the web site.

It sets out my thoughts on what we need to do moving forward to reach
our potential but as its everyone else project as much as mine I want to
include ideas and thoughts that you have.

I would really like to get this out next weekend so if you can take the
time to look and feedback this week, I would really appreciate it.


PS . It opens in OpenOffice !

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