[OWASP-LEADERS] org. prefix

Alex Russell alex at securepipe.com
Mon Oct 14 11:11:08 EDT 2002

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Ingo Struck wrote:

> Hi,
> I just found this at the gnu/java page:
> "Why just the gnu package name?
> ...
> The gnu namespace is completely identified with GNU. It's a unique name 
> without adding the org part. Therefore, why should we inconvieniance our 
> developers and confuse our users by using the longer names? Clearly we 
> shouldn't. Which is why we have taken the step of using just gnu as our 
> top-level package name."
> Maybe we should consider to leave out the org. before the owasp as well?
> Any thoughts?

The argument they make is on the basis of what will and won't confuse.
Given that every other package on the planet uses reverse FQDN as it's
base package name (clearing out any ambiguity between organizations
through use of the DNS system's unique assignment), and given the fact
that every java developer knows that this is the way it should be, GNU's
policy might not be the wisest since it doesn't seem to satisfy their own

The GNU project has historically shown very little concern with what
will and won't get their software used, and have tended to be abrasive
in many regards as a result. Can we (should we?) afford the same?

Regardless of the answer, it's a good question. Thanks for raising it

Alex Russell
alex at SecurePipe.com
alex at netWindows.org

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