[OWASP-LEADERS] org. prefix

Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Mon Oct 14 12:57:19 EDT 2002


I just found this at the gnu/java page:

"Why just the gnu package name?

The GNU project uses plain gnu as the top package for its Java code because it 
immediately identifies the package as GNU. The purpose of a package system is 
to avoid accidental clashes. There is no measurable benefit of using org.gnu 
instead of gnu. Using the reverse domain name is an arbitrary convention that 
uses a specific property of an organization to generate a unique name. This 
property is no more intrinsic to the software than the home telephone number 
of the principal engineer, longer to type, and almost as ugly. What happens 
if the domain name of a company changes, or ownership of a package is 
transferred to another company? Then people have to change their package 

Scattering globally unique names throughout a program is plainly a bad idea. 
Unique names should at most be in a few header or configuration files, where 
they can be easily modified, and where they don't annoy people. 

The gnu namespace is completely identified with GNU. It's a unique name 
without adding the org part. Therefore, why should we inconvieniance our 
developers and confuse our users by using the longer names? Clearly we 
shouldn't. Which is why we have taken the step of using just gnu as our 
top-level package name."

Maybe we should consider to leave out the org. before the owasp as well?
Any thoughts?

Kind regards


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