[OWASP-LEADERS] OWASP Chief Infrastructure Engineer ;-)

Carric Dooley carric at com2usa.com
Fri Nov 8 11:01:15 EST 2002

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Thanks David.

My phone numbers are as follows:

Home: 770-528-9400
Cell: 404-936-7335
Cell2: 678-641-1694

Let me know if you need something.

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, David Endler wrote:

>>Welcome to OWASP!  We really appreciate you coming aboard and taking on this
>>these sorely needed responsibilities.  As I'm sure OWASP will be a
>>lightening rod for script kiddiots, your hardening and setup expertise will
>>surely come in handy immediately. 
>>Can you kindly now send your home, work, cell, and 24x7 pager numbers to the
>>list now?
>>jk! ;-)
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>>> Ladies and Gents
>>> I want to introduce you all to Carric Dooley a good
>>> friend of mine from Atlanta. Carrics a very, very  
>>> sharp Linux and networking guy with a boat load of 
>>> experience and he has kindly offered to help with 
>>> systems admin and getting the production environment 
>>> setup etc..
>>> OWASP's very own Chief Infrastructure Engineer ;-)
>>> He has also negotiated an attractibe deal to get the 
>>> two production servers hosted at a co-lo for us 
>>> which is excellent news. I'll be packaging them off 
>>> for him tommorow and I am sure David Raphael will be 
>>> in touch regarding what he needs for the portal dev.
>>> Welcome Carric ! Let the fun roll on !
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