[OWASP-LEADERS] OWASP Chief Infrastructure Engineer ;-)

David Endler DEndler at iDefense.com
Fri Nov 8 10:13:10 EST 2002


Welcome to OWASP!  We really appreciate you coming aboard and taking on this
these sorely needed responsibilities.  As I'm sure OWASP will be a
lightening rod for script kiddiots, your hardening and setup expertise will
surely come in handy immediately. 

Can you kindly now send your home, work, cell, and 24x7 pager numbers to the
list now?

jk! ;-)


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> Ladies and Gents
> I want to introduce you all to Carric Dooley a good
> friend of mine from Atlanta. Carrics a very, very  
> sharp Linux and networking guy with a boat load of 
> experience and he has kindly offered to help with 
> systems admin and getting the production environment 
> setup etc..
> OWASP's very own Chief Infrastructure Engineer ;-)
> He has also negotiated an attractibe deal to get the 
> two production servers hosted at a co-lo for us 
> which is excellent news. I'll be packaging them off 
> for him tommorow and I am sure David Raphael will be 
> in touch regarding what he needs for the portal dev.
> Welcome Carric ! Let the fun roll on !
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