[OWASP-LEADERS] proposed cvs change for ocl

Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Fri Dec 31 19:28:28 EST 1999


> org.owasp.ocl.src.org.owasp.* and I'd like to change
> this to org.owasp.src.org.owasp.ocl.* and change the
> package definitions to reflect this;
Aha, ok...
Now I seem to understand what you wanted to do.
Personally I would prefer the org.owasp.*** class path
for the common stuff, since it is shorter.
Systematically you're right wanting that stuff to go to 

What puzzles me a bit is your usage of the dots:
Within my filesystem the package structure renders to:

{root}/ocl/src/   org/owasp/*
{root}/vulnxml/src/ org/owasp/vulnxml/*
{root}/webscarab/src/  org/owasp/webscarab/*

(spaces to clarify the situation)

So imho there already *is* a uniform classpath addressing?

To say it in terms of cvs:
If I cd to {owasproot} and then say
	cvs co ocl
	cvs co vulnxml
	cvs co webscarab
then I get the structure above, or in terms of tar:
	tar xvf ocl.tar.*z*
	tar xvf vulnxml.tar*z*
	tar xvf webscarab.tar.*z*
with exactly the same result.

Maybe I did not yet get your point, but the development classpathes
are all adressed by:

Maybe your idea was to have all the modules unpacked to
{generalowasproot}/src  /org/owasp/vulnxml
{generalowasproot}/src  /org/owasp/ocl

but *this* does not work at all, since once you have your modules
unpacked to your development path (with a common root) all the
modularization and packaging is buggered; you would need really
sophisticated scripting to extract package releases or even to keep
cvs in sync from that "unified repository".

I am still not quite sure what exactly you wanted to do, so a statement
clarifiying that would be really great.

Kind regards


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