[Owasp-Karlsruhe] 47. OWASP Karlsruhe: AppSec USA / AppSec Bucharest

Rolf Haynberg rolf.haynberg at owasp.org
Do Okt 5 20:53:32 UTC 2017


Our 47th OWASP Karlsruhe Meeting will take place next Monday, October
9th. We will hear talks about and from the recent OWASP AppSec USA
conference. Plus we will have a sneak preview to the AppSec Bucharest
which will start next week as one of their speakers will be in town:
Ionut Popescu talks about "Less Known Web Application Vulnerabilities".
So be prepared for a full-packed evening!

Location will be once again 1&1 Internet SE, the time 19:00

    Ernst-Frey-Straße 10
    Raum 0201
    76135 Karlsruhe

Please let us know if you come via Meetup
Doodle <https://doodle.com/poll/iphmurt5iqetqxqb> or any other media of
your choice.

Note: This time the talks will be helt in english only!

Looking forward to seeing you,


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