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This is a great reminder to renew your OWASP membership or begin one if you
haven't considered doing so.
  Doing so before May 12 gets you entry into the drawing noted in the
LinkedIn announcement below.

ISACA and ISC2 are now charging well above $100 per year, and the value I
get out of OWASP is easily at par with those credentialing organizations.

The Kansas City chapter has historically had very low membership (as in 5
people or less.)  It's actually kind of embarrassing, but we also don't want
to be pushy about membership dues.  The local meetings will continue to be
free, no cost for members or guests, everyone welcome to attend.

How to become an individual member?  What do you get by being a member?
 Easy.  Hit this Membership link, and click on the orange "donate now"


OWASP has a track record of making a difference in software security, not
just standing around pointing at the problem: this is a good cause.

The membership is worth $50.


Mat Caughron
volunteer Kansas City OWASP chapter lead

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Date: Thu, May 5, 2011 at 8:58 AM
Subject: Support OWASP Foundation Win $500
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  LinkedIn Groups

   - Group: GLOBAL - Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
   - Subject: Support OWASP Foundation Win $500

 OWASP Foundation is 501(3)c non-profit software security professional
association. Since 2001' it has been providing value to individuals
globally. Becoming a member underscores your awareness of web application
software security, show your commitment to the profession and support for
the thousands of hours of volunteers worldwide that contribute and have
helped you learn, network and build professional relationships as a result
of our FREE guides, FREE materials and FREE collaboration platform.

This year marks OWASP's 10 year anniversary, and we hope that you will
consider joining us as a individual member for $50 per year as tax
deductible donation to show your support and attend one of our global
application security events this year.

Renew your individual membership in the next 6 days (before May 12th
meeting) $50 as a member of the NY/NJ Chapter and you will be entered to WIN
an experience gift from the OWASP NY/NJ Chapter ( a $500 value) from
Cloud9Living ( http://www.cloud9living.com ). Whether it's watching the sun
rise from a hot air balloon, learning to sail, or feeling the adrenaline
rush of driving a sprint cup style stock car you work hard in information
security, play hard don't miss the opportunity to say thank you and
renew/join this professional association.


I think I am a member, where can I check my membership status or the status
of others?
Current members as of May 2011 of the OWASP Foundation are listed here:

Renew of Join Today:


Answer: Be the thriving global community that drives visibility and
evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software.

FAQ: Is the information you can find at OWASP really reputable?
Answer: Our community consists of the brightest technologist in the world
and have been recognized by Industry Citation:

1) OPEN Everything at OWASP is radically transparent from our finances to
our code
2) INNOVATION OWASP encourages and supports innovation/experiments for
solutions to software security challenges.
3) GLOBAL Anyone around the world is encouraged to participate in the OWASP
4) INTEGRITY OWASP is an honest and truthful, vendor agnostic, global

For more information About OWASP please visit:


FAQ: Can I sign up at the event and pay cash?
Answer: No you must be a paid member prior to the May 12th meeting and
listed at: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership/members

FAQ: If I live in Example: Alaska but want to show my support and join OWASP
and associate my individual membership with the NY/NJ Chapter and enter the
drawing before May 12th can I do this even know I don't live in New York or
New Jersey?
Answer: You seem to have a found a business logic opportunity grasshopper...
you may proceed to the next level.

FAQ: When is the election for officers for OWASP Foundation?
Answer: June 9th will be the announcement of candidates, more details can be
found online at: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership/2011Election

Renew of Join Today, takes (3) mins:


On behalf of the chapter leaders of NY/NJ we look forward to seeing you at
our next meeting on May 12th (RSVP Space is limited) where we will draw the
winner from our then active membership -

If you have ANY questions please contact me directly or grab this flyer and
share it with your co-workers:

Semper Fi,

Tom Brennan
OWASP Foundation
Direct: 973-202-0122
Posted By Tom Brennan

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