[Owasp-JBroFuzz] stack trace because default log directory IOException

Ivan Buetler ivan.buetler at csnc.ch
Tue Sep 21 17:15:34 EDT 2010

Hi all,

This week, I was testing the new JBroFuzz version on the Hacking-Lab
LiveCD (Xubuntu based). But in my environment the tool raised several
java stack trace errors. See the evidence movie here: 


The OWASP-JBROFUZZ team responded with:

On 0:41 of the video, the first stack trace appears, this is an

>From the svn code in Logger.java :

               // If the directory does not exist, create it.
               if (!logDirectory.exists()) {
                       final boolean success = logDirectory.mkdirs();
                       if (!success) {
->                              throw new IOException();



Please check your preferences -> Directory locations (2 scenarios):

 * specify a directory that the user you are launching the tool from has
744 in (plus all paths to get to it:)
 * untick the box option and run jbrofuzz, by default this should create
all files in the current launch directory

This was my answer

Hi all,
Your solution worked for me. Creating a tempfuzz dir within $PROG with
744 solved the issue. Perhaps the log dir should be set per default
after untar/gzipping the jbrofuzz archive?

Thanks for your help

And this is the final response from JBROFUZZ

Great! I have already raised this with the relevant developer for coding
the Logger interface.


Thanks to the folks from JBroFuzz for their fast response and support. 

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compiling/configuring an Open Source Web App Firewall with Pre
Authentication, Session Hiding in front of Facebook!

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Ivan Buetler
Compass Security AG

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