[Owasp-jbrofuzz] Next version (0.3) generators

Subere at unconvention.org Subere at unconvention.org
Sun Nov 19 19:52:37 EST 2006

The current version of JBroFuzz includes the following generators. The
individual that each generator can perform can be seen wihtin the definitions
panel of the application:

basic cross site scripting checks (XSS) 
basic SQL injection
buffer overflows (BFO) checks
format string errors (FSE) checks
integer overflows (INT) checks

This is on top of the user's ability to specify a decimal (DEC), binary (BIN),
hexadecimal (HEX) as well as octal (OCT) generator for a set range of the request.

The question here is what generators should version 0.3 include and how should
they be grouped?



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