[Owasp-japan] 自動応答: Soichiro MORIOKA takes YE/NY leaves until Jan. 6th (戻る日: 2017/01/10)

soichiro.morioka @ jp.cardif.com soichiro.morioka @ jp.cardif.com
2017年 1月 5日 (木) 04:03:21 UTC

2017/01/10 まで不在です。

Thank you for your email. I will be back on Jan. 10th.
I shall have limited access to email and hence please expect a delay in my
Threfore I deligate my responsibility to Toshiaki Nakano and you can
contact him if you have any security relevant concerns.
In case of emergency please call +81-80-8021-8318.

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Kick-Off" (送信日時: 05/01/2017 12:34:09.


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