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Wed Nov 7 03:40:15 UTC 2012

OWASP Japan ML参加者の皆様


OWASP Japanチャプター関係者は今晩のSANS主催のJustinのスマグリ
もし行きたい方はお早めにAsiaPacific at sans.orgにお名前などをメール

OWASP Japanのミーティング参加者であることなどをお書き添えいた


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Yes, you and anyone from the OWASP chapter is invited to my
presentation tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  SANS does ask that you RSVP
to AsiaPacific at sans.org.  I have attached a formal invitation below
that you can forward to you chapter.  Sorry for the late notice.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.  You can reach
me on my cell phone here in Tokyo at +1.801.425.0871.

Justin Searle
Managing Partner - UtiliSec


Title:  Attacking and Defending the Smart Grid

By SANS Certified Instructor, Justin Searle

Date: Tuesday, November 6

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Fujisoft Akiba Plaza , Fujisoft Akihabara Building 6F

Note: Japanese language translation will be provided

Please RSVP to AsiaPacific at sans.org


The Smart Grid brings greater benefits for utilities and customer
alike, however these benefits come at a cost from a security
perspective. Unlike the over-hyped messages we usually hear from the
media, the sky is NOT falling. However, just like any other
technology, the systems and devices that make up the Smart Grid will
have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It is important for us to
understand these vulnerabilities, how they can be attacked, and what
we need to do to defend against those attacks.

This presentation will explore how the increased functionality and
complexity of the Smart Grid also increases the Smart Grid's attack
surface, or in other words, increases the ways attackers can
compromise the Smart Grid's new infrastructures, systems, and business
models. We'll discuss several specific attack avenues against the
Smart Grid and the recommendations we are making to utilities and
vendors to mitigating and blocking these attacks.

Presenter Bio:
Justin Searle, SANS Certified Instructor

Justin is a Managing Partner of UtiliSec, specializing in Smart Grid
security architecture design and penetration testing.  Justin led the
Smart Grid Security Architecture group in the creation of NIST
Interagency Report 7628 and currently plays key roles in the Advanced
Security Acceleration Project for the Smart Grid (ASAP-SG), National
Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resources (NESCOR), and
Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).

Justin has taught courses in hacking techniques, forensics,
networking, and intrusion detection for multiple universities,
corporations, and security conferences, and is currently an instructor
for the SANS Institute.  In addition to electric power industry
conferences, Justin frequently presents at top security conferences
such as Black Hat, DEFCON, OWASP, and AusCERT. Justin co-leads
prominent open source projects including the Samurai Web Testing
Framework, Middler, Yokoso!, and Laudanum.

Justin has an MBA in International Technology and is a CISSP and SANS
GIAC certified Incident Handler (GCIH), Intrusion Analyst (GCIA), and
Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT).


Riotaro OKADA
OWASP Japan Chapter

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