[Owasp-italy] CALL FOR TOPICS-PAPERS - OWASP AppSec Conference Europe 2008 - May 22-23, Belgium

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Sun Feb 24 18:13:03 EST 2008

Di seguito il call for topics-papers della prossima OWASP AppSec
Confercence Europe 2008 che si terrà a Bruxell i prossimi 22-22


OWASP AppSec Conference Europe 2008
May 22-23, 2008 - Brussels, Belgium


Call for papers: Business & Technical Sessions

Following on from the great success of OWASP Conferences in 2006 and 2007
in the United States and Europe, the conference comes back to Belgium in
May 2008. The conference will offer an opportunity for security
professionals, developers, and managers to hear from industry recognised
speakers on the latest critical security risks associated with
application security.

OWASP is seeking for presentations on Application Security and related
OWASP projects from the community. Over the conference program there
are 9 technical and 9 business presentation sessions running
approximately 1 hour in length each.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- OWASP Project Presentation (i.e Tool Updates/Project Status etc)
- Business Risk from Applications
- Privacy Concerns with Applications and Data Storage
- Baseline or Metrics for Application Security
- Web application security
- Secure application development
- Security of Service Oriented Architectures
- Threat modeling of web applications
- Vulnerability analysis of web applications (code review, pentest,
 static analysis, scanning)
- Countermeasures for web application vulnerabilities
- Platform or language (e.g. Java, .NET) security features that help
secure web applications
- How to use databases securely in web applications
- Access control in web applications
- Browser security
- Web services security

As there a limited number of available presentations please email your
proposed presentation ideas to: seba 'at' owasp.org
Simply reply to this email with your idea and a short paragraph or two
on what you propose to present on.

Closing date for presentation ideas is March 1st 2008, with
presentation material due May 1st 2008.

Visit http://www.owasp.org for more information on OWASP and the

Thank you,

Kind regards,


As in the previous editions, the OWASP AppSec Europe 2008 conference
will also feature a refereed papers track which focuses on academic
research. More information on


OWASP Conferences Chair: Dave Wichers - Aspect Security - dave.wichers 'at'

2008 EU Planning Committee Chair: Sebastien Deleersnyder - Telindus - seba
'at' owasp.org

Refereed Papers Chair: Lieven Desmet - KU Leuven - Lieven.Desmet 'at'

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