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Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2006 Call for Papers - http://www.bellua.net

  For the second consecutive year, the Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2006
  Conference will bring together in Indonesia internationally
  recognized experts in the security community as well as leading
  members of the local Indonesian technology and security industry.

  BCS Asia 2006 will bring together researchers and practitioners from
  Asia, Europe and the Americas to discuss present and future
  information security issues through an intensive series of
  workshops, presentations, demonstrations and technical sessions. Do
  not submit product or vendor pitches please.

Important Dates:

  28-29 August 2006: The Workshops
  30-31 August 2006: The Conference

  The meeting will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the Jakarta
  Convention Center (see travel and visa information below.)

  Please send your proposal to cfp2006 at bellua.com as soon as possible
  and no later than 31 March 2006. This year, proposals will be
  evaluated in the order received; submit early to maximise your
  chances of being selected.

  The program committee invites proposals for paper presentations,
  demonstrations and poster contributions on any topic relevant to
  cyber security and hacking including but not limited to:

  Business Track

    * ISO27001 - Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
    * Business Processes & Security
    * Compliance Management
    * Handling Security failure & incidents
    * Banking Security
    * Telecommunication Security
    * Internet Fraud
    * Security Awareness
    * Social engineering
    * Privacy, anonymity, ethics
    * Cyber Law and Enforcement

Technical Track

    * 0-day Hacking & Security
    * Penetration Testing
    * Telecom Security/Phreaking (SS7, GSM, 3G, GPRS, EDGE...)
    * Secure Programming
    * Reverse Engineering
    * Exploit development
    * Forensics
    * Wireless Security & Hacking (WiFi, Bluetooth, vsat...)
    * Web Application Security
    * Database Security
    * Cryptography
    * Spyware/Malware/Worm/Virus
    * Physical Security

Your submission should include:

    * Name, title, address, email and phone number
    * Draft of the proposed presentation (in PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote
      format), proof of concept for tools and exploits, etc.
    * Short biography, qualification, occupation, achievement and
      affiliations (limit 150 words).
    * Summary or abstract for your presentation (limit 150 words)
    * Time (40-60 minutes include time for discussion and questions)
    * Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)

    Each non-resident speaker will receive accommodation for 3 nights at
    the Jakarta Hilton International.

    For each non-resident speaker, Bellua will cover travel expenses up
    to USD 1,000.

    N.B. If an official sponsor employs you or you only propose a poster
    contribution, you will not receive any compensation for travel, hotel
    accommodations or an honorarium from Bellua.

  Poster sessions are an integral part of Bellua Cyber Security events.
  Far from being a second option, posters provide an excellent way to
  present research work in a clear, concise format. A well-thought out
  poster can be better than an oral presentation in describing complex
  research work. Posters contributors will receive one complimentary
  conference pass.

Call for Workshops

  Please send your proposal to cfp2006 at bellua.com as soon as possible
  and no later than 31 March 2006.

  This is also a call for workshops. One of the objectives of this
  meeting is to allow researchers to gain a background in areas that
  they may know little about. Towards that end a number of Workshops
  are planned.

  Some participants in the workshop will be very excited in learning
  about technical matters such as hacking, exploit writing, penetration
  testing, social engineering, BCP, DRC or other important attack and
  defense techniques. Others might enjoy a seminar on a philosophical

  Workshop presenters are expected not to present just only their own
  material, but to give a broader overview and encourage discussion and

  The workshops will be held from 28th to 29th August 2006.

  Workshops that do not achieve the minimum enrollment will not be
  offered. The size of workshop will vary from 8 to a maximum of 25

  Please send the workshop proposal along with the following to
  cfp2006 at bellua.com as soon as possible and no later than 31 March 2006.

    * Address, affiliation, email and phone number
    * Draft timetable for the proposed workshop with title
    * Summary or abstract of the workshop, limit 250 words.
    * Biography (150 words)
    * Curriculum vitae - Resume
    * Technical requirements

Program Committee

   * Anthony Zboralski, Bellua Asia Pacific
   * Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, Hack In The Box
   * Fetri Miftach, Bellua Asia Pacific
   * John Grygorcewicz, Bispro Consulting
   * John Howie, Microsoft Security Community
   * Emmanuel Gadaix, Telecom Security Task Force
   * Philippe Langlois, Telecom Security Task Force
   * Ralph Logan, The Logan Group, The Honey Net Project
   * David Maynor, ISS X-Force
   * Thomas Wana, Void
   * Jim Geovedi, Bellua Asia Pacific
   * Andi, Void
   * Skyper, Phrack Magazine
   * Mark Dowd
   * Matt Conover, Symantec
   * Andrew R. Reiter
   * Josha Broson, AngryPacket Security
   * Nicolas Fischbach, Colt Telecom
   * Fyodor Yarochkin

Visa Information

  The Department of Justice and Human Rights has officially determined
  that as of 1 February 2004:

  The Free Visa Facility (length of stay max. 30 days) will be issued
  to citizens of the following countries: Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines,
  Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, Morocco, Chile, Peru.

  The Visa-on-Arrival Facility (length of stay max. 30 days) will be
  issued to citizens of the following countries: Australia, Argentina,
  Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,
  Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, South Korea,
  Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United

  Citizens of countries not stated above are required to apply for a
  visa at the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate in their country of domicile.

For questions regarding event registration, please call +62-21 570 5800
(Astri). For general event questions, please email bcs2006 at bellua.com.

PT Bellua Asia Pacific - Bellua Cyber Security Conferences & Workshops

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