[Owasp-ireland] Annual Zero Days Capture the Flag event. April 26th

Cummins, Mark Mark.Cummins at itb.ie
Sat Apr 7 19:04:08 UTC 2018

Sorry to those receiving this twice.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people on this list that will hopefully be interested in this event.

At this year's Zero Days CTF we hope to have 70+ teams on site making this one of the largest on-site CTF events in the world.

We're encouraging everyone who is interested to check out our website (www.zerodays.ie<http://www.zerodays.ie>).

So if you want to give it try and enter a team, get involved as a sponsor or simply just turn up on the day to see what it's all about then please give us a shout at info at zerodays.ie

For those unfamiliar with with CTF events, Capture the Flag (CTF) events allow teams of 4 to complete against each other as they try to solve a number of security related challenges.

Challenges cover domains such as web application testing, server exploitation, cryptography, reversing engineering, programming, password cracking, reconnaissance, trivia and whatever else we throw into the mix.

The team solving the most challenges is announced as the winner.  The event is focused on student teams but we also have over 20 industry/professional teams all using the event as training, fun and team building.

A huge thanks to all the sponsors we've already confirmed for this years event.


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