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Tony Clarke tony.clarke at owasp.org
Fri Jun 10 07:54:21 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

In the Dublin chapter we've been speaking about doing more outreach and
what we can do to help locally. One of the thoughts we had was to work with
the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Smart Futures program which is aimed
at encouraging more secondary school students into Science, Technology,
Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) careers.

The idea would be to speak with secondary school students and explain what
IT security is about with the message being delivered by someone who works
in the industry and affording the students an opportunity to ask questions.

There are numerous benefits from an OWASP perspective:

   - We promote a software security to future developers and ICT
   professionals, etc;
   - We potentially help in address the global shortage of cybersecurity
   professionals, estimated by Forbes to be 1.5M global deficit of
   cybersecurity candidates;
   - We potentially make an impact in terms of the gender biases that exist
   within the cybersecurty industry and encourage more women into the industry;
   - We help make an impact at a local level with benefits for the OWASP
   brand and reputation;

The smart futures team would give volunteers training in August/September
time frame as well as a lot of the resources necessary. The smart futures
programme is country wide.

*If anyone is interested in volunteering can you please let us know. *

More details about Smart Futures is below and is available from the smart
futures website.


*Can you help inspire the next generation of scientists, technologist,
engineers and mathematicians in Ireland?*

Smart Futures <http://smartfutures.ie/> is a government-industry programme
promoting science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers to
second-level students in Ireland and is managed by Science Foundation
Ireland in partnership with Engineers Ireland-STEPS.

Making choices about what subjects to study in school or college and what
career path to pursue is never easy. The Smart Futures volunteer programme
<http://www.smartfutures.ie/get-involved/volunteer-resources> offers free
career talks to secondary schools across the country, to let students know
about what it is like to study and work in different areas of STEM.

International research continues to highlight the importance of giving
young people access to role models to help challenge negative stereotypes
about STEM. This is particularly relevant if we are to see greater
participation by females and students from lower-economic backgrounds. The
Smart Futures programme gives school students in Ireland access to free
career talks from over 1,500 volunteers from STEM-related industry and
research centres nationwide. Volunteers from a wide diversity of
backgrounds can share their career insights and give a first- hand account
of what it’s really like to work in science, tech and engineering,
challenging stereotypes and demonstrating how these career paths can make a
major difference to our society.

A free volunteer training workshop is available for volunteers with STEM
backgrounds who are interested in participating. The workshop is an
opportunity to learn more about the programme
<http://smartfutures.ie/get-involved/volunteer-resources> and how to
effectively communicate your career story to post-primary school students
in a classroom setting. It will give you the necessary tools to deliver a
confident and engaging account of what a career in STEM entails and where
it has led you.

*What we will cover:*

Ø  An overview of school resources and the aim of Smart Futures

Ø  Guidance on communicating with a teen audience – handling tricky

Ø  Best practice relating to child protection

*Why volunteer?*

Ø  Raise awareness of STEM career paths

Ø  Develop your communications skills while engaging with your local

Ø  Help to inspire students, make a difference and give something back

Ø  Represent your organisation and develop its corporate social

Ø  Connect with other volunteers to share learnings and communications tips

Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two school visits per
academic year. All support materials will be provided for volunteers.
Volunteers can go out on school visits in pairs if desired. Volunteer must
attend the two-hour training workshop to be eligible to visit schools

Many Thanks,


+353 86 8868509
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