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Tony Clarke tony.clarke at owasp.org
Fri Jul 1 14:41:43 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

The OWASP Dublin chapter board has been very busy lately and we'd like to
give everyone an update on some of some of the events and initiatives we've
been working on. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think
may be interested in OWASP or any of the upcoming events.

*Speaker Highlight*

At the OWASP event on 22nd September there is a great opportunity for
anyone based in Dublin to see Simon Singh speak. Simon is a world renowned
author, scientist and mathematician. Since completing a Ph.D. in particle
physics at CERN, Simon Singh has published a series of books, including
Fermat’s Enigma, The Code Book, Big Bang, and Trick or Treatment?

In 1996, Simon directed Fermat’s Last Theorem, a BAFTA award winning
documentary about the world’s most notorious mathematical problem. In 1997
Simon began working on his second book, The Code Book, a history of codes
and codebreaking. As well as explaining the science of codes and describing
the impact of codebreaking on history, the book also shows that
cryptography is more important today than ever before.

Simon has also worked for the BBC and taken part in many TV shows and has
helped to start many education projects. UAS encourages university science
departments to work more closely with schools, while the Enigma project
conducts maths/cryptography workshops in schools with a genuine Enigma
cipher machine.



We've been working on putting together some exciting events ourselves and
in collaboration with other local security groups and institutions.


   - *OWASP Dublin & ISACA Ireland Threat Intelligence Session - 28th July

Threat intelligence has become a component of many cybersecurity programmes
in the last number of years. The rationale is that actionable threat
intelligence provides the necessary context and technical details
surrounding a threat so cybersecurity teams can quickly assess cyber risk
and implement proactive controls.

OWASP Dublin & ISACA Ireland have jointly arranged a threat intelligence
session. Finger food and some small prizes will be provided on the evening.

We are delighted to have the following speakers:

   - *John Dyer from Darktrace*, John will discuss how new machine learning
   techniques based on the biological principles of the human immune system,
   can addresses the challenge of detecting previously unidentified cyber
   threats, irrespective of their origin.
   - *Gavin O'Gorman from Symantec*, Gavin will speak about what he calls
   threat intelligence, how it’s generated, and how it can be used. As he goes
   through the presentation, he will refer to several investigations worked on
   over the past few years as concrete examples.
   - *Igor Konovalov from FireEye/iSIGHT partners*, Igor will speak about
   how threat intelligence can provide organisation with the intelligence
   necessary to align their security program with business risk management
   goals and to proactively defend against new and emerging cyber threats.



   - *IISF, OWASP & ISACA Community BBQ - 18th August 2016*

OWASP have been working in conjunction with IISF & ISACA to arrange a
social event for members to meet (and have a pint) with other security
professionals. This is an opportunity to meet and network with others from
IISF, ISACA & OWASP in a social setting. During the evening there will be a
raffle for the Simon Community. IISF, OWASP & ISACA have arranged limited
food and drinks as part of the evening.

Due to venue limitations, tickets are *limited to paid members affiliated
with the OWASP Dublin Chapter*.



*Cryptography, the science of secrets - 22nd September 2016 *

Cryptography is used throughout modern day life to facilitate online
payments, for digital currencies, to safeguard personal and sensitive data,
to protect corporate & national secrets and has become so common place that
it is hard to imagine life without it.

The OWASP Dublin team are delighted to have a session focused on
Cryptography with speakers such as:

   - *Dr. Simon Singh MBE*, Simon is a world renowned author, mathematician
   & scientist, author of 'the code book' which is a fantastic look at the
   history of cryptography. Simon has also worked for BBC & CERN. As part of
   the evening, Simon will be demonstrating an Enigma machine used by the
   Germans to send and receive encrypted messages in World War 2;
   - *Candid Wueest*, Principal Threat Researcher at Symantec Security
   Response and Blackhat speaker);
   - *Dr. Mike Scott*, leading authority on the subject of elliptic curve
   - *Patrick Fitzgerald*, Global Information Security manager at ICON plc
   and formerly Symantec & Ward Solutions;

Other speakers will be announced and we will have some prizes to give away
as part of the evening.


*Community Work*
The OWASP Dublin Chapter has been working on several community based

   - *Smart Futures*

There is still plenty of time to put your name forward to volunteer with
the Smart Futures program, which is aimed at encouraging more secondary
school students into Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)


The idea is to speak with secondary school students and explain what IT
security is about, with the message being delivered by someone who works in
the industry and affording the students an opportunity to ask questions.

Please let us know if you are interested.

   - *HP Enterprise 'Tech Talk' Series*

The Dublin Chapter has been asked to speak as part of the HP Enterprise
'Tech Talk' program to discuss common cybersecurity risks and mitigation.

If this is something your organisation is interested in please let us know.

Previous Events
Videos from our last event on attracting and retianing women in the
cybersecurity industry are now available:

Overview: https://youtu.be/bYV5bnN03MY
Vox Pops: https://youtu.be/zB8p-sJcsso
Jacky Fox Interview: https://youtu.be/bgOtckV9-GQ
Jane Frankland Interview: https://youtu.be/0l-soUrG4VA
Jane Frankland Session: https://youtu.be/tQDh022aVfU
Jacky Fox Session: https://youtu.be/8CjNthJFqys
Panel Discussion: https://youtu.be/OK-rKkt1vWY

Without sponsorship we cannot run events or contribute to the security
community and as such we are extremely grateful to each organisation for
their continued support. We would like to thank all our sponsors &
contributors for their continued support of the OWASP Dublin Chapter,

   - Morgan McKinley
   - Symantec
   - edgescan
   - DIT School of Computing
   - Asystec
   - Integrity360
   - Island Networks
   - HP Enterprise

[image: https://www.morganmckinley.ie/] <https://www.morganmckinley.ie/>[image:
https://www.symantec.com/] <https://www.symantec.com/>[image:
https://www.edgescan.com/] <https://www.edgescan.com/>[image:
http://www.dit.ie/computing/] <http://www.dit.ie/computing/>[image:
http://asystec.ie/] <http://asystec.ie/>[image:
http://www.integrity360.com/] <http://www.integrity360.com/>[image:
http://www.islandnetworks.ie/] <http://www.islandnetworks.ie/>​[image:
https://www.hpe.com/ie/en/home.html] <https://www.hpe.com/ie/en/home.html>
We hope to see you at the next event!

The OWASP Dublin team

Website: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Ireland-Dublin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/owaspdublin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/owaspireland/
Mail List: https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-ireland
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3228848
MeetUp: http://www.meetup.com/OWASP-Dublin/
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