[Owasp-ireland] Mobile Binary Protection solution bake-offs

Leo McCavana leomccavana at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:32:01 UTC 2014


I find myself doing a lot of mobile pen testing at the minute.  I am just at the beginning of a process to partner with other folks where I work, to take a look at evaluating Mobile Binary Protection solutions.  

As with a lot of 'solutions' I am always very skeptical about their claims.  I just want to test how good they really are in terms of their ability to be compromised by hacker tools and techniques (time, effort, skill).  Obviously the business also wishes to consider performance impact, ease of integration with the build process and costs associated with tool purchase/training/support/maintenance.  

The first potential solution I am looking at is Arxan but I would like to know about alternatives.  To that point, can anybody point me to any 'bake off' reports that would assist me in my research?  Does anybody have any good or bad experiences with any particular solution that they wish to share at a high level?

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