[Owasp-ireland] OWASP Dublin May Chapter Meeting

Fiona Collins fiona.collins at owasp.org
Sat Apr 19 09:37:43 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we will be hosting our next OWASP Dublin
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Ireland-Dublin chapter event in the T-Cube
Dublin office on May 01 2014 at 19:00.

Eoin Keary of BCC Risk Advisory and Matej Saksida of Realex will both be

There will be networking afterwards, with beer and pizza thanks to BCC (

 Registration here:

Talk 1: *"Top 10 defensive Java developer controls"*

Eoin Keary - BCC Risk Advisory


In this talk Eoin shall go through a list of developer controls in order to
help prevent common security vulnerabilities such those focused in the
 OWASP Top 10 2013. From input validation to contextual output encoding to
crypto-secure storage, Eoin shall call out what developers can do to help
mitigate such issues. Many of the mitigations are simple and use
established API's such that developer need not be security experts and just
use core components to help improve their security posture.

Talk 2: *"Social Engineering - The Art of Human Hacking".*

Matej Saksida - Realex Payments


Nowadays if you want to hack a corporation or damage a personal "enemy"
fast, Social Engineering techniques work every time and more often than not
it works the first time.  In this talk Matej shall go through what is
social engineering is, types of social engineering and related threats.
Matej shall call out practical example how to use Facebook to ruin
someone's life and what countermeasures can be used against social
engineering attacks.

Have a great Easter and we hope to see you there,

The OWASP Dublin team
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