[Owasp-ireland] OWASP Limerick Chapter Meeting - 21 February 7-9 PM, Limerick City Council

Marian Ventuneac marian.ventuneac at owasp.org
Tue Feb 12 12:12:52 UTC 2013

OWASP Ireland Limerick Chapter** Meeting *will take place at Limerick City
Council (City Hall, Merchants Quay) next February 21st from 7pm to 9pm.

If you are planning to attend please RSVP at

For ISACA and (ISC)² members: This event qualifies for free CPE

Practical aspects of Information Security and Malware Analysis will be
discussed, including the following:


   *Zombie Browsers, spiced with Rootkit Extensions* - presented by Balázs
   As malicious browser extensions currently are not detected by antivirus
   products, they are able to do enormous harm - not only by compromising
   one’s personal online activities, personal data and accounts, but even
   his/her business data. Hardly any anti-malware product offers real
   protection against these attacks, and even mobile phones might be

   - *OWASP Limerick/Munster Chapter Raffle
      - Free ticket for upcoming OWASP Limerick AppSec Training Day
   - Two representative Information Security books

   - *Malware (zero-day) Analysis in an Operational Environment* -
   presented by Richard Costelloe
   This presentation reviews a response-methodology to a multi-stage,
   'zero-day' malware attack against a corporate information-systems network.
   Included in this analysis are detailed explanations of evasive techniques
   such as social-engineering, spear-phishing, SMTP spoofing, HTTP and
   JavaScript obfuscation, binary code-packing, password and data harvesting,
   data encryption and exfiltration, file-droppers, process-injection and
   bot-nets. Included will be an overview of defensive-methodologies and
   processes such as system and network hardening and monitoring, data
   de-obfuscation, decoding and decryption, static and dynamic analysis of
   malware code and binaries and forensic best practises.

Additional details are available at


Thank you,

Marian Ventuneac
OWASP Ireland Limerick Chapter Leader
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