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Marian Ventuneac marian.ventuneac at owasp.org
Wed Oct 24 13:15:45 UTC 2012


*OWASP Ireland Limerick Day* *2012* will take place at Absolute Hotel
Limerick on November 9th from 2pm to 6pm. As part of this event, the
audience will be introduced to various practical and theoretical aspects of
Application Security, including the following:


   *Building Security Into Frameworks* presented by Jerry Hoff, VP of the
   Static Code Analysis Division at WhiteHat Security

   Who is doing it right. In this talk, Jerry will discuss the importance
   of security controls in mobile and web frameworks. The talk features a tour
   through a spectrum of languages and frameworks. A tip of the hat will be
   given to frameworks and security controls that demonstrably mitigate
   vulnerabilities, resulting in more secure code. A wag of the finger will be
   given to frameworks that either lack essential security controls, or
   implement them improperly. Many of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and
   their corresponding security controls will be discussed. Participants will
   walk away with a better understanding of the security libraries available
   across a wide array of popular web technologies.

   - *Building Secure Applications: SQLi Training Session* presented by
   Marian Ventuneac, Security Architect, Genworth Financial

   For developers and InfoSec professionals alike, this talk will provide a
   practical approach to identifying and preventing SQL Injection
   vulnerabilities in Web applications. Testing techniques, tools and secure
   coding best practices for Java, .NET, PHP, etc will be discussed.

   - *Unused Assets: Gaining an advantage* presented by Mark Goodwin,
   Security Engineer at Mozilla

    Web Application security flaws seem to be getting more and more
   attention yet developers have never had more tools at their disposal;
   modern browsers have many security features that are seldom used and there
   are security tools intended for developers which are almost exclusively
   used by security people. This talk discusses why this might be the case and
   looks at some things we can do to catch some security problems early and,
   in the process, help developers with security awareness.

   - *Countering jamming attacks against mobile communication* presented by
   Reiner Dojen, Lecturer, Department of Electronic and Computer
   Engineering, University of Limerick

   Satellite communications are nowadays employed in the provision of
   advanced personal communication services. However, interference with the
   radio transmission medium of satellite communications is a common threat:
   unintentional interferences occur frequently and jamming attacks can be
   achieved using low-grade technology. This talk discusses a new DoS attack
   against protocols for satellite communications, where an attacker
   interrupts the authentication phase by jamming a single message. A solution
   for  preventing this attack is also presented.

This is a free event, entry is limited to *only 50 participants*.
If you are planning to attend you must RSVP at

Additional details are available at

For ISACA and (ISC)² members: This event qualifies for free CPE

Best regards,

Marian Ventuneac
OWASP Limerick/Munster Chapter Leader
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