[Owasp-ireland] Audit web site

Paddy Canning paddy.canning at brandfire.ie
Mon Nov 5 14:50:51 UTC 2012

Hi All

I am looking for a security audit against a web site I am developing. I
need pricing on the following

* *

    1. *Vulnerability Assessment Test*

·         Perform a stress test on your website to check for basic
performance issues.

·         Looks for vulnerabilities and code flaws which could allow
malicious hackers access to your systems.

·         External probe of the server platform your website sits on to
check for vulnerabilities.

·         Web application flaws documented and report supplied.

·         Remedies & threat mitigation pathways advised, included in report.

    1. *Penetration Testing Service*

·         All items included in the Vulnerability Assessment above

·         Exploit research should vulnerabilities be discovered

·         'Real World' attacks conducted should vulnerabilities be
discovered in an attempt to gain system access

·         Attempts to gain access to confidential data will be made

·         Full system/network access attempts will be made to the
IP/Website ONLY.


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