[Owasp-ireland] DevBug – PHP Static Code Analysis

Ryan Dewhurst ryandewhurst at gmail.com
Sun May 20 12:20:24 UTC 2012

My final year university dissertation was on the topic of Static Code
Analysis, specifically the integration of IDEs (Integrated Development
Environments) with Static Code Analysis. The idea was to make Static
Code Analysis accesible to the developer, without them having to
istall and use additional specialist Static Code Analysis software.

Due to my familiarity with PHP and its lack of interpreter taint
analysis I decided that I would write a PHP Static Code Analysis
application. The PHP Static Code Analysis tool I developed is called
DevBug, it is an online PHP Static Code Analysis tool written mostly
in JavaScript (jQuery). The Static Code Analysis engine uses the
sources, securing functions and sinks data from the awesome RIPS
Static Code Analysis tool to identify specific PHP functions that can
cause or remediate user input caused vulnerabilities. DevBug uses
Taint Analysis to identify tainted variables, follows the tainted
variables through the code, untaints the variables if they are secured
and finally detects whether or not tainted variables end up in in
sensitive sinks.

The IDE used is called CodeMirror that provides a code editing area,
syntax highlighting, line numbering and an API. CodeMirror was
slightly modified to detect deprecated PHP functions and highlight

DevBug has some known bugs and limitations at present which I will
address in the near future. For now it is still useful as a quick and
easy place to run some PHP functions or pages through to check for
potential issues. As far as I know DevBug is the only free online PHP
Static Code Analysis tool available.

The Taint Analysis takes part in the browser with JavaScript after the
PHP source code has been tokenized by the server. This was my first
real JavaScript related project so the code may not be as good as it
could be, for this reason, I may make the project open source in
future so that it can be improved upon and users benefit from the
knowledge of the open source community.

I’m still interested in bug reports or feature requests, DevBug can be
found here:


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